RISX: ICMR (Re)Insurance Specialty Index

Equity benchmark for investments in Lloyd’s

The RISX Index was developed by Insurance Capital Markets Research (ICMR), the analytic and consulting firm founded by the former heads of research and analysis at Lloyd’s of London (Lloyd’s).

The ICMR (Re)Insurance Specialty Index (RISX) is an equity benchmark based on publicly listed companies with underwriting subsidiaries in the Lloyd’s insurance market. The index measures their aggregate equity performance, weighted by premiums underwritten both at Lloyd’s and globally.

The RISX Index is administrated and calculated daily by Moorgate Benchmarks Ltd as a Price Return Index (Ticker: RISX) and a Net Total Return Index (Ticker: RISXNTR), i.e. dividends reinvested net of withholding taxes.

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YTD: Year-to-date, ITD: Inception-to-date, Inception date: 2006-06-16. Please contact ICMR for the historical RISX index data.
All performance shown prior to 2021-03-22 was retrospectively calculated by application of the Index Methodology

The RISX Index aims to provide an equity benchmark better suited to specialty (re)insurance underwriting than other, more generalist insurance equity indices. The RISX Index uses ICMR’s transparent weighting methodology based on reported premiums underwritten, which gives a more appropriate mix of underlying risk than a traditional market capitalisation weighting, whilst ensuring sufficient liquidity in the underlying index components.

The top 10 index constituents are:

For more details about the RISX index see the key documents below.

Key documents

RISX Index


Summary of key statistics

White paper

Overview and background


Selection and weighting process

Benchmark Statement

UK and EU BMR Benchmark Statement

Press Release

ICMR launches RISX Index with Moorgate Benchmarks

About ICMR

Insurance Capital Markets Research is the trading name of IC Markets Research Ltd, registered in England & Wales with number 12561699

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Insurance Capital Markets Research (ICMR) provides quantitative research on the global specialty (re)insurance industry. ICMR’s clients are insurance carriers and intermediaries, investors from capital markets, as well as Lloyd’s managing agencies.

A core capability of ICMR is the independent assessment of performance and return profiles of insurance entities and portfolios. Our research focuses on investment strategies and products to access the global specialty (re)insurance industry and Lloyd’s of London in particular.

ICMR was founded by Lloyd’s former heads of analysis and research Markus Gesmann and Quentin Moore. Having also worked together in the capital markets and ILS, they founded ICMR in early 2020 and launched the RISX Index in 2021.

For more information, licensing and contact details visit: https://insurancecapitalmarkets.com


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